I-125 Versus Pd-103 for Medium Risk Prostate Cancer

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Phase Quota
Phase 3

hypothesis: the shorter half-life of Pd-103 versus I-125, will increase the rate of tumor eradication. A total of 660 patients with AJC clinical stage T1c-T2a prostatic carcinoma (Gleason grade 7 to 9 and/or PSA 10â¿¿20 ng/ml) will be randomized to implantation with I-125 (144 Gy) versus Pd-103 (124 Gy).

Study Start Date: March 2003

Estimated Completion Date: Not specified

Specialties: Internal Medicine: Hematology/Oncology,Nephrology/Urology Nursing: Hematology/Oncology,Nephrology/Urology Urology: Oncology,Prostate Family Medicine: Men`s Health Oncology: Renal/Urologic


  • Procedure: I-125 versus Pd-103 radioactive seed insertion

Inclusion criteria

  • PSA 4-10 ng/ml
  • Gleason score 5 or 6

Exclusion criteria

  • N/A

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