Breast imaging can predict cancer recurrence

Sarah Anwar, MDLinx

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2017

San Antonio, Texas, United States | December 05-09, 2017


At the 2018 Best of SABCS-NY, Sheldon Feldman, MD, FACS, chief of breast surgery and breast surgical oncology, Montefiore-Einstein Cancer Center, New York, director of breast cancer services and professor of surgery at Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, shared interesting finding from a study by Chitalia, et al, University of Pennsylvania, originally presented at the 2017 Symposium.

In this study, researchers were able to use dynamic breast MRI texture analysis to determine the heterogeneity of tumor cells. “What’s very interesting in this trial is that MRI features of marked heterogeneity really predicted patients who were at the highest risk for recurrence,” said Dr. Feldman

“In fact,” he continued, “all of the 14 patients in this study who developed recurrence were all of this heterogenous population, which was predicted by this MRI.”