A look back at SABCS 2017: Overtreatment can result in lifelong complications

Sarah Anwar, MDLinx

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2017

San Antonio, Texas, United States | December 05-09, 2017


Researchers from around the world gathered at the 2017 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium to present research that would change the way we view breast cancer.

At the 2018 Best of SABCS-NY, Sheldon Feldman, MD, FACS, chief of breast surgery and breast surgical oncology, Montefiore-Einstein Cancer Center, New York, director of breast cancer services and professor of surgery at Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, highlighted some of the works presented in San Antonio.

In this study, from Kuijer, et al, at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, explores risk overtreatment in patient with breast cancer.

Overtreatment can result in lymphedema, which can be a lifelong condition. According to Dr. Feldman, some patients say that this condition, “is worse than the cancer they had.” In addition, overtreatment can also cause ductal carcinoma in situ, which may result in unnecessary surgery or radiation. Thus, it is important to focus on such conditions when considering treatment.