Advanced Breast Cancer Sixth International Consensus Conference (ABC 6)



This virtual (live discussion sessions November 4-5, consensus session - November 6; re-recorded lectures will be available on-demand starting 15 October) international conference for advanced breast cancer will offer an opportunity to share best clinical practices and inform about the latest scientific updates in the field.

On the agenda:

  • Re-defining progressive disease: Oligo-progression, pseudo-progression, endcorine flare
  • How to act in discordant biomarker results (primary vs mets vs other mets)
  • Optimal timing and interval of imaging for ABC (clinical practice & trials)
  • Is it time to change the follow-up guidelines for early BC: Is it worthwhile to detect metastatic disease earlier?
  • Current standard of care for: HER2+ ABC; Triple Negative ABC; ER+/HER2 neg ABC
  • Beyond overexpression/amplification of HER2
  • Predictive biomarkers for immune-checkpoint inhibitors: Lost or found?
  • Biomarkers of resistance/response to endocrine-based therapy: What's ready for clinical practice?
  • Hereditary breast cancer: Which markers?
  • Spouses, children, parents: Psychological issues
  • Healthcare provider compassionate fatigue
  • Systemic management of inoperable inflammatory breast cancer: Any news?
  • What should be updated in the ABC guidelines for systemic therapy for inoperable LABC and IBC?
  • Pneumonitis/interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)
  • Immune-related toxicity
  • Preventing and treating cardiotoxicity
  • The role of cannabis for ABC patients
  • SBRT and new radiotherapy techniques
  • Managing peritoneal carcinomatosis/ascites
  • Antibody-drug conjugates: Delivering chemotherapy at the tumor's doorsteps
  • Is the maximum tolerated dose (MDT) still the optimal goal for cancer drugs?
  • The ABC of vaccination for advanced breast cancer patients
and more

~ 1,500 participants


November 4-6, 2021


Virtual Conference