Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology in the Perioperative Period During Cardiac Surgery

Sponsored by Yale University

Phase Quota
Phase N/A

This is an observational study of continuous glucose monitoring technology during cardiac surgery. The investigators would like to develop data for descriptive analysis of a comparison of continuous glucose monitoring with a gold standard under the conditions of cardiac surgery.

Study Start Date: August 2010

Estimated Completion Date: Not specified

Specialties: Cardiology: Cardiac Surgery Nursing: Cardiology Surgery: Cardiac Surgery Physician Assistant: Cardiology Practice Management: Technology


  • Device: Use of continuous glucose monitor during surgery. ( Medtronic Minimed Guardian REALTime Continuous Glucose Monitor)

Inclusion criteria

  • Competent adults scheduled for elective cardiac surgery

Exclusion criteria

  • Inability to consent, emergency surgery

Study Locations And Contact Information

  • Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven Connecticut

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