Meditation for Everyday Living and Peak Performance for Mental Health, Medical, and Surgical Practitioners



This virtual evidence-based course is an integration of the best of Western scientific research from peak performance and positive psychology with the great contemplative traditions of the East. The course addresses a gap in the Western psychotherapy traditions, which emphasize the eradication of negative emotional states, by instead focusing on the implications of various positive emotional states for psychological and physical health. Emphasis to understand the neurocircuitry of peak performance, sustain concentration, training positivity, and prosocial behavior. This course provides an up-to-date review of the theory and practice of concentration from its ancient origins to modern brain science to how it works to alleviate psychological and physical distress and provides opportunities for participants to cultivate their own personal meditation practices. The course will also teach these tools in response to the COVID-19. The concentration aspects of this course hold great promise not only for clinicians’ own personal development and are also a remarkably powerful tool to augment virtually every form of psychotherapeutic and medical treatments. Through lectures, demonstrations, Q&A sessions and experiential exercises, participants will learn how to use mind-training practices to enhance performance excellence, vital engagement in work and everyday activities, mastery over everyday living, and to enhance positivity and prosocial behavior. Participants with no meditation experience, as well as seasoned practitioners, will find this course helpful both personally and clinically.

On the agenda:

  • Performance Excellence, Mind-wandering, Languishing, and Everyday Unhappiness
  • Integrative Approach to the Development of Optimal States
  • Cultivating Attitudes that Potentiate Optimal States
  • Concentration Training
  • Applications of Insight and Emptiness Meditations
14.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ - maximum


December 3-4, 2021


Virtual Conference